Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Mother's Birthday is today

I wanted to spend some time on this blog talking about my mother and the wonder way she has nurtured me and my sisters. Today is her day because it is her birthday. Today she is as viberant and active as ever before. She has taught us so many things and you know that is what your remember as you get older, all the things you were taught. That does not mean that we all follow the advice of our parents because many times we strike out on our own and make our own decisions and when they go bad we chalk it up to experience which we then learn from and hopefully pass that along to our kids. Most times kids write our opinion off as old and outdated but you know somehow it comes back to being the right information and we just processed it wrong and made the decision to go another direction.

Well enough of my rambling, again today is Mother's day and Today we celebrate her and all her accomplishments. A mother of 4, a grandmother to 5 great children, a great supporter of community watch and a constant visitor by mail to those who are housebound, sickly, or imprisoned. Her live is full of opportunity to serve other people and she makes the most of it.

I will tell you this, the house is quiet again,,,,,,whew,,,,,it was a whirlwind of activity while Matt and Ryan were home, We loved having them at home but now we love the opportunity to be together just me and Kaye.

My three month scan is Thursday, Please remember me in your prayers. Please remember John Quinn, jr in your prayers as well, He is suffering right now from cancer to his throat and cannot speak. Kaye and I pray for him daily as we pray for all of you.

God Bless You


Anonymous Lucille said...

Tim, I just wanted to tell you that I agree with you about your Mother. She is one great lady everyone needs to know her. She treats my daughter(your wife Kaye),my two sons and my other three grandchildren like they are her own. I thank her for that and for being a friend to me. You are really one lucky guy th have a Mother like that. My prayers are with you and Kaye today as well as Thursday. Love, Lucille

January 11, 2009  

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