Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here we go!

It is now Sunday, and I am another day past the 28th of May. That is a day I will not soon forget. I never realized how much being cut on affected your body. I have had naseau. My incision has hurt and the sheer lack of strength in my legs and arms has been indescribable. Through all this Kaye has been right with me.. My mother and two of my sisters came up for the 28th and and then again last week and it was a pleasure to visit with them. It is sometimes a tough drive going that 3 hours down interstate especially when you do it up and back in one day. Mom brought me one of my favorite dishes, Calves liver and gravy.......mmmmmm I know you might not like the sound of it but I have loved it since I was a child. I get it everytime we go to K&S Cafeteria.
BJ Dail is still in critical condition so please remember him in prayer. He has leg and head injuries and is in the hospital in Boston. His mom is communicating with everyone via email. He is such a young man with such a bright future. God is on the scene and directing that family.
Stan Neighbors went home today. He has been so faithful to call and check on me! I could tell he was in pain but I could also tell he was relieved to have this surgery behind him. He promises not to be back at work till he is ready.........hummmmm We will see. Stan is a go getter!
The cards you are sending are such a comfort. I got one the other day from my friends at Golden Corral and that really touched me as they are more than a customer they are family.

I go to Chapel Hill on Friday the 27th for a PET Scan at 7:30 am then a doctor's visit at 10:00 then a planning scan and then another doctors visit. It is very possible I may start the treament the following week. Treatments are supposed to go MON and Thurs, Mon and Thursday then Wednesday and hopefully by the grace of God I will be through.. Prayers have been answered. Prayers are going to be answered.

Lastly please rememeber Jody and Beverly Freeman in your prayers. I know you don't know them by she is Kaye's cousin and she is such a blessing to us. They are dealing with something that God will see them through so I ask that you remember them in prayer.

Lastly, My mother has a friend who has a son that is my age that just found out he has lung cancer. You cannot imagine how this news affects you till you hear the words, you have cancer. I pray for him and the mother that the confidence God has given me in his healing power will prevail over them as they look at this as an opportunity and not a sentence. Cancer can be cured. It is not a death sentence. It is not the end all. Please remember them in prayer.

I will sign off by telling you today is a good day. God IS in control and we look forward to more good days.

God Bless


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