Saturday, August 09, 2008

I have some catching up to do! that is a good thing

whew, I have some catching up to do since I last put in a post. As you may have read, we were going to Philadelphia for the National School Show and then on to Atlantic City where our sons were going to join us and we were going to attend a Baseball game between the Braves and Phillies. I am so happy to tell you the entire week was perfect. We did not have one glitch in the whole week. We had a great time, our sons had a great time, and it was a pleasure to get together and enjoy ourselves. Of course since Matthew turned 21 in June he tried his hand at gambling at the Casino where we stayed in Atlantic City and like all of us, he left without his money,,,,err should I say Dad's money. He had a wonderful time, we had allowed him to bring his friend Daniel and they had a great time losing their money. The baseball game was perfect, we celebrated my birthday that day. Unfortunatley age is catching up with me because I thought I was 54 and it turns out I am only 52! Hurrah! I gained 2 years!

After we returned from Atlantic City we stayed in Raleigh a week then it was off to Gastonia (our hometown none the less) for the Legion State Baseball tournament which Ryan's team qualified for. They finished 4th which is wonderful for this as this was their first time ever in the tournament.

Matt and Ryan start back to college the 20th and boy will they be glad. The summer has been great but they miss the rigors of college and all the activity. Ryan for one misses it alot. We are home this month until the 27th when we invade Columbia for the first football game of the year. We have a wonderful family down there and they are taking us in and we are excited about seeing them.

Update from the Doctor's visit. I visited Chapel Hill on August 5 and the doctor asked a few questions and said I was looking good. He will schedule a scan for me in two months so I am confident that God's miracle in me will be complete and I will have a clean scan. This month it has been 3 years since I was diagnosed and the date never leaves me.

Prayer Requests, please remember our neighbor Leann Eck as she lost her father this week. He had been suffering from cancer. B.J. Dail has made a miraculous recovery and is doing really well according to his parents. Please continue to remember me in prayer and my family. I am sure the next time I post, the boys will be back in school, and we will be on our way to doing something somewhere.

I did want to tell you that Debbie at Golden Corral always reads my blog and always is cheerful when I go there. She is an inspiration for me and I thank her for being so positive.

God Bless


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim, we love to hear that you are doing well and the great updates on the family. I think you still hold the title of favorite neighbors even though we've been gone for 11 years! We should get together for dinner one night. We have so much to catch up on! Jim, Laurie, Kaitlyn, and Ashley (who wasn't even born when we lived there) Stella

August 23, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well!

September 07, 2008  

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