Thursday, January 01, 2009

I guess you are wondering where I have been....well

I have no excuses. I have just been lazy about posting my condition for everyone to catch up. Please forgive me for this and I promise to do better! Mentioning bettter, I am feeling great. I am going to work every day and even going out of town every couple of weeks. I feel good, my appetite is good and I am getting ready for my next scan in Chapel Hill which is September 15th.
I do ask that you say an extra prayer for me as I go into this scan. Even though I am feeling great you just never know what is going to show up!

But now I need to catch you up! DId I tell you that Ryan and I attended the Georgia vs Georgia Tech football game on Thanksgiving weekend? This was something Ryan had approached Kaye and me back in OCtober and so we worked it out to where we would go to Gastonia for Thanksgiving and while there Ryan and I would travel to Athens and attend the game. Ryan and I had a great time. just the two of us, Father and son going down I 85 listening to music and talking sports!

Matt and Ryan came home in mid December and we have been doing things together since then. We gave Matt the video game Rock Band. If you have not seen or played this game, you are missing out. It is a lot of fun and a hit with the kids of all ages......even athe 50 somethings! Ryan got Georgia gear and wears it religiously! Oh by the way Ryan won $500.00 and $100.00 on Lottery scratch cards so talking about hooked.......he is hooked!!!!

Matt, Mom and me attended the candle light service on Christmas Eve at our church and it was wonderful to have our son with us. Ryan went to the service at the Church in Garner he attends. It was beautiful and warm and the smell of the candles helped you visualize the season and time of the year that we are in. The smells of Christmas are so comforting, the smell of candles in each home, the smell of cedar christmas trees, cookies baking, and for me.......fruit cake! Yes fruit cake. No one enjoys the Claxton Fruit cakes any better than me.

Matt is going into his last semester at ECU. He will graduate on time (4 years ) with the class he entered school with and believe it or not he will be a double major with two degrees in the same 4 year of college. WE are proud. He will do one semester of student teaching then he leaves ECU for good next December. Ryan is finishing up his second year this semester but he has decided this will be his last at NCSU. In the fall he is going to enroll in Culinary Classes at Wake Tech here in Raleigh.

Game Night, this has become a staple this month. Mom, Ryan, Matt, and Me enjoy a very competitve game of Scrabble. Kaye is very good but Matt has started to be more competitive and Ryan is really coming on. Me? I stink.

Today is January 1, 2009 and God has continued to bless my life and family. I am grateful for another day and I am hoping for more days to come. At this time that is all I plan for is one day after another. It has be a calming thing for me. I am more relaxed and more focused when I take it one day at a time.

I will save some more catch up for the next posts!

God Bless you all


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