Monday, June 16, 2008

Update June 16th

Whew, to quote the grateful dead, "what a long strange trip this has been!" On May 28th I went in to have this little node removed in hopes of a couple of days stay in the hospital and then home to recover and back to smooth ground........WRONG........The surgeons ended up cutting me from my strenum to my navel (23 staples) Ouch ouch ouch. I was on a Morphine drip, scratch scratch scratch itch itch! then 5 days later sent home to recover from the most devestating cut on me I have ever had. Yesterday and today are the first two days, I feel like being up. I did not say at 'em just up! The surgery was not as successful as we had hoped. I still have the spot and so tomorrow we head over to Chapel Hill to be examined by the doctors over there to see it this new technology called Cyber Knife will be a successful procedure. It focuses high dose radiation to spots as small as 1mm. Wild stuff. Otherwise I have been trying to overcome the nasuea and some of the stomach pain from where I was cut. Keep me in your thoughts this weeks and always your prayers.

Remember by friend and collegue Stan Neighbors with J&J Snack Foods as well. He is undergoing a 5 hour operation today at 1:30 to remove or repair a very serious hernia. He is going to have 6 weeks of recovery ahead of him and his cut is going to be longer than mine! He is a great guy with a great attitude and always calls to check on me.

A tip of the ole Irish Hat to Courtney Webb who came to our rescue this past week. Kaye has contacted Herpes of the eye and she has had to have constant hourly medication. Kaye and I were at our wits ends on someone to help us and take care of us and Courtney came to mind. She saved us with all her hard work and willingness to help out. She and Lil Tim McAllister have been our refuge in this storm cloud.

I appreciate all the cards sent my way. Each one has made a difference in my day.

Love to you all
God Bless


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