Friday, July 11, 2008

Treatment number 5 is now over

Today, I finished my last treatment for the cyberknife radiation at UNC Hospital. We had stayed this week in Chapel Hill because I just was not sure about what the treatment would do to me. As it turns out nothing noteworthy happened and for that I am grateful for the prayers and the doctors at UNC. Here is the schedule for now. I go for a check up August 5. The nurse told me I would have a scan in 3 months barring any complications. I can only hope I have 3 months of uninterrupted healing. No doubt your prayers are big part of healing.

I have scheduled myself to attend the National School show in Philadelphia July 20-23 and on the 24th we are going to have Matt and Ryan join us for a weekend in Philly along with the baseball game between Philadelphia and the Atlanta Brave on Saturday (my birthday) we are so excited!

I spent a lot of time reflecting this week on the treatments I have had and how God has brought me through so many. The doctors always make no guarantees with each new procedure but I truly believe God has everything on his timetable and I need to be patient. I do feel an urging from God to help our church with a food pantry and when I get stronger, I am going to pursue it. With my contacts in the food industry, I hope I can be a help to someone.

I have tried to stay in touch with family and work via email since my surgery May 28, by the way the surgery is healing nicely but whew it was touch and go for a while.

Matt is in Greenville and Ryan is still here at home. They will start school in about 1 month so I know they are getting excited. I did want to shout out to Marshall. This young man is going to be Ryan's roommate next year and he is a quality young man that is so likeable. He is working hard this summer with his jobs so he can return to school and also get a new cell phone. He told me he reads my blog everyday. Marshall we love you and are proud to have you as Ryan's roommate next year.

I have not made a final decision on the tatoo but the Colts horseshoe is looking pretty good. I know the world is waiting to hear and Ryan and Marshall say they want to be there to see it happen. Of course they want their 3 tatoo and so we are negotiating right now. Kaye is cautiously willing to discuss it.

We are always grateful for the prayer lists we are on and the requests. So many people ask and I am so honored. I know you are a believer when you tell me that you are praying. I wanted to add another name to the prayer list. He is Reg Garner, the President of T.W. Garner and a fine friend of mine. He found cancer in his pancreas and was to have surgery this week. He is a great man and one I am proud to say I know. I will let you know about his condition as soon as I find out. T.W. Garner makes that great Texas Pete that Kaye loves so much.......our friend Maha loves it more than anyone. She uses it by the gallon at home! Go Girl!

I hope to keep you posted more often now that I have some time to heal. It has been quite a whirlwind since May 28th and everyone at my company and all my friends and associates have been so wonderful to help out.

We love you all
God Bless
Tim and Kaye


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