Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1- Time to start new

I had my first treatment with cyberknife today. It is pretty powerful radiation. I will have a total of 5 over the next two weeks then we wait and do testing to see how it went. I had to lie on my back for 2 hours while the machine hovered around me and shot radiation to the specific lymph node that is being a problem child so to speak. I am a little tired from just the first session so I imagine that this is going to take some steam out of me but not beat me down. I emailed Kayes cousins in Columbia and I told them how excited we were to be coming to the land of the gamecocks and see state lace up the cleats against a really top program. They are excited too and hopefully we can tailgate before the game.

Matt came home today he was so excited about the stock he bought. he bought 3 shares of a gold mining company in argentina. He heard a hot tip from the Mad Dog. He is already up 1.50 a share. A real chip off the old block from his dad and grandad.

Ryan is excited these days because I told him I was seriously considering a tatoo. Really you only live once and I have been thinking about a small one for some time now. You should hear the suggestions.......NC State Logo, or Colts Logo, Mike Murray says he will buy it if I will do the tarheels logo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no way!!!! They also suggested the turtle and snail after my infamous turtle and snail joke. I am getting lots of suggestions,,,,,,Mike says to do Lunkhead since he and I always called that by our wives. Kaye said the Sharin logo......not bad but I have that on my car tag. We will see

We are praying for lots of friends like B J Dail who got moved to Chapel Hill but has some serious injuries. We went to see him last week. Please remember this 18 year old young man in your prayers. He has head injuries and leg injuries from a car accident

We are praying for my mom's friend who has a son who is my age who was newly diagnosed with cancer.

We are praying for Connie Chans father who had a mini stroke and Leann Eck's dad who has cancer.

This list goes on and on. I emailed Father Charles at the Vatican, Kayes buddy and he emailed me back and told me he would be praying for our requests........nothing like going to the top!!!!

Kaye is doing okay. Her knees hurt all the time. She thinks the tatoo thing is a hoot. She is so good to me. I wish everyone knew how supportive of me she is. When I hurt she hurts. When I am sick she cries. I know all you men have the same kind of spouse so cherish them. Take time for them. Talk to them.....we men can be so clamy sometimes,,,,,,can't shoulder the pressures of the world yourself you know. ASK a good woman her opinion and I bet you it is a better idea than yours.

God Bless you all


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