Saturday, February 07, 2009

Prayer Warriors

Ever heard the words Prayer Warriors? They do exist. I spoke to my mother this morning and she told me about her conversation with her friend Florence. Florence has called her chain of prayer warriors to pray for me and the upcoming day surgery that I am having to remove a mole on my right temple. If you don't believe in the world wide chain of Prayer Warriors you are sadly mistaken. Remember the Kevin Bacon rule of 7 which says that within any given relationship, it will only take seven people to find a connection to you or your family. Well with the Prayer Warrior chain, it goes around the world. I have people as far away as Rome who call my name in prayer! I am so blessed.

The Prayer Warriors pray incessently when you ask them to. They seek the face and mind of God and they provide a welcome relief that someone is praying for you and your sickness or ailment or need. They truly embody the words Prayer Warrior because they pray and seek Gods face!

I am proud to have all my friends as prayer warriors. Remember they do exist and they do get results!

God Bless You


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