Sunday, February 01, 2009

Just checking in

I wanted to check in and give you some details on how things are going. We celebrated my Moms birthday on January 1o and we attended a suprise 50th birthday party for our good friend Lynn Murray. Her birthday was January 23. She was so suprised! We had a wonderful time visiting with all of Lynn and Mikes family. Our other friend Courtney Webb has a birthday today and Mike Murry's Mother "momma Murray" is having a birthday February 3. We have all decided to go to Wilson and take her to dinner for her birthday!

Things with me are good. I have found that I have a mole on my right temple right in the middle of my sideburn that needs to be removed so I will be going to Chapel Hill to have it looked at this Friday and plans made to remove it.

I have traveled so much this month that yesterday I just hit the wall and was exhausted. I have just got to learn that my body does not rebound like it used to. It has taken me a couple of days to rebound. Kaye and I went to Asheville this week and the trip was great. We stayed at the Grove Park Inn and I had a wonderful time. This is one of the finest trips you could ever take. The Grove Park has been around for many many years and the sweet smell of an open fire place greets you as you walk in. The fireplace is 1o feet high and 10 feet wide so you can pull up a rocking chair and watch the cracklin of the wood as it burns. You can feel the warmth of the fire and relax. It makes me want to go back. The rooms are very nice and you feel a sense of history when you relax in your room. The meals and servers make you feel like a king.

Needless to say our family has been hit hard by layoffs. Mom told us that my cousin Eddie was laid off after 30 years on his job. Kayes cousin Jeff Cobb was laid off after over 30 years with his company. So many people are suffering. So many people including family are suffering from this economy. I pray for this to turn around. Please remember my family members who are now unemployed and at an age where a new career is not possible. We hear daily of family who are put into a bad spot, lost jobs and no prospects for employment. God will have to move on our situation and I ask that you Pray with me for a rebound in our ecomomy and in the health of our nation.

My mom still continues to be a blessing to prisoners in her card and letter ministry and I thank God for her. Kaye is doing great but we know that knee surgery is just down the road for her. Matt is home this weekend for a brief visit. He is on track to graduate in 4 years with his incoming class and he will have earned 2 degrees. He has done so well. Ryan is finishing up his second year at NC State. In the fall he is going to enroll in a community school here and take culinary classes. He has decided that NC State is not where he needs to be and that is okay with us. He has to follow his heart just like all of us do. The heart is a great organ because it tells us the truth all the time where as sometimes we think too much and over think and make mistakes and if we had followed our heart we would have made the right decision. I too am facing a decision that is a battle between my heart and brain and I ask you to help me pray for guidance in this matter.

Okay you are caught up!

God Bless you all


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