Friday, February 06, 2009

More News from the Homefront

I was thinking that I needed to check in with everyone again. I spoke to my mom two nights ago and she told me all the things going on in her life and boy it sure is a busy life! It will soon be a year since my dad passed away. As I told you in a blog over a year ago, my dad always told me he was my greatest fan and never have forgotten that. Everyone needs a greatest fan so take a minute and think of who that might be. I always think about who I would tell that I am their greatest fan and the list is just too long! I can tell you this, I thank God for my wonderful wife and soulmate these last 27 years! I was in bed this weekend listening to the sounds of Kaye fixing her hair and putting on her make up. Its a funny thing the sounds you get used to in your house. The click click of her curling iron as she does her hair, the clap clap of her make up case as she closes it. The sound of the hair dryer as she dries her hair. Funny how you get used to those sounds and the comfort it brings to you. I bet you too are used to the sounds in your house or apartment or where ever you may be. Don't be suprised when those sounds go away and the empty spot you feel when they are gone. Take advantage of those sounds while you have them.

We are undergoing a metamorphasis at work. Our offices are clean and updated and we are all working hard in this economy to continue to thrive and prosper. Kaye and I pray for all the family and friends who are let go and become unemployed. God is going to answer all our prayers and all we need to do is continue to look for the best in every situation.

I ask you to continue to pray for John Quinn jr. He is not able to talk or eat because of the operation on his throat from the cancer they found. Pray for Gayle Mathews my admin assistant as she battles irregular heartbeats. Pray for my brother in law Danny as he too faces a new page in his life. Pray for Aunt Ella Mae. We spoke to her tonight and she if feeling much better and her spirits are up!

I do have to tell you a story I was told this week that just sent chill bumps down my spine. I am close friends with a couple who had told me they had a friend who found out he had cancer last year. Thinks looked very bleak over Thanksgiving and in early December he was told nothing could be done. He was not a Christian and his wife was a nonbeliever as well. He called my Friend over Christmas and asked could he have his minister visit him. He told my friend he wanted to have a clear picture and make thing right even though he never had believed in God or God's miracles. Over the course of this year, he had lost over 45 pounds and his spirits had sunk so low he was told the end was near. After he prayed with the minister he told my friend he was okay with everything and was forward to just after New Years......he got a call from his doctor about his rescent scan and guess what? His cancer was gone! Gone! can you believe that. I know it is true because my friends were so depressed about this man and now they are on Cloud 9! This man is now believing in the power of Christ. His wife is not believing in the healing power or Christ. He believes God has healed him with a purpose for his life and he is setting about fulfilling that purpose. Wow powerful stuff here. I told my friend I hoped to meet this man someday. What a testimony he has to tell.

Okay, I have rambled for enough

God Bless you



Anonymous Lucille said...

Just wanted to say how much I
love you and Kaye. How much I thank you for taking such good care of her all these years. You are a great Husband & Daddy. I don't think of you as a son-in -law
you are my Son also. Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU.

February 09, 2009  

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