Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Scan results are in a Glory to God

I know many of you are wanting to hear my scan results from Thursday and Kaye and me are very excited about the news. The radiologists report says that there are no spots and no activity at this time. What a miracle! I have always said that I am God's miracle and once again I am proof that he is. Kaye and I are so very glad. I will have another scan in 3 more months but if they go like the last two then maybe I can go 6 months between scans!

Now here is the bad news, I have managed to pick up a sinus cold and I am clogged up and feeling lousy. But who am I to complain after getting such great news. This one will be short because I do feel bad and I am waiting on my doctor to call in some antibiotics. Spread the good news! God is good

Please remember to pray for John Quinn jr who is needing a touch from God. Also my cousin Ann who has COPD and requires oxygen to breath. God is still in the healing business and I ask you to remember them in your prayers



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!!!! You have truly been blessed. Hope to see you at the Supperbowl get together. Tell Ryan he is going to have to cook at my 60th birthday, which is over 8 years away but will give him plenty of time to learn all of the arts of cooking.
Love ya,
Martha, Jl and Michael

January 19, 2009  

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