Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Man do we have some catching up to do

Oh my gosh how time flies. I am so sorry I have let you guys down with no postings. Shame on me! Bad Blogger! Ha! I will tell you I have some company on the blog network now and I am so happy to see him. It is Chris Stowe. Check out his blog "from the black chair" at He lays it all out there for you. Welcome Chris! Don't worry about the fireman's test. Do some research on Abraham Lincoln and see how many times he failed at accomplishing his goals and then see where he ended up. Now I am not saying there is going to be a statue of you in Washington like Mr. Abe but you will get there don't be discouraged.

Okay now me.......Well as most of you know I had surgery on the 12 to remove my melanoma. Whew they took a chunk out of the right side of my face. Kaye took a pic of me I will try to paste it in here somewhere. You will recognize me right off I look like Edward Scissorhands! Anyway I never knew how much trouble 4 millimeters could cause but wow. Here the good and the bad. They took the skin from my neck and stretched it up to my cheek and Wallah! Face lift! It is true! Every woman in my family is jealous because insurance paid for this facelift!. Here is the bad, I have to go back to Chapel Hill and get an MRI done on my brain......they think it is too big! ha! and a PET Scan. Seems Melanoma likes to run around in the blood and show up in the brain or other organs so to be safe here is what we are doing........MRI (done yesterday) PET to be done on Friday.......results the 11th of March and back into surgery shortly there after to remove a few more lymph nodes that were below the affected area. Rats. No need to argue cause the doc knows best!

We will keep you posted. I will put up another post in a few minutes with my random thoughts for this week

God Bless you all

Remember prayer warriors to keep John Quinn jr in your prayers he has throat cancer. Remember my good good friend Bob Citero, he just lost his job of 11 years and he is a good man. His son Jeff played baseball with Ryan. Bob is a faithful man and will get another, better job soon. Remember Lynn Ogle my brother in law's wife she had surgery yesterday. Remember the family of one of my dear friends, Jim Taylor he passed away suddenly last week.....heart attack.



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