Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am doing well

My dad passed away February 10th and everyday I still think of him. I talk to my mom almost every other day and she is doing great. My 6 month on nephew, Carson is growing and making life around her house a real joy, full of commotion as we like to call it.

I had an endoscopy done 2 weeks ago to look at a 2cm spot at the bottom of my esophagus. The results were inconclusive so guess what. I am having another endoscopy done May 9th and this time the doctor will use a needle and drain off some of the fluid. I am not in any distress and there is not pain at the site of what appears to be a cyst. The endoscopy does not hurt but I am put to sleep for about 30 minutes so as I have told everyone, I don't choose these things I am in the hands of my doctors and if they say do it then I do it. I have learned long ago they know what they are talking about and I just go along.

Kaye has been wonder to care for me. I even made a mistake with my meds that she caught and we corrected. Seems as I misunderstood the dosage on my thyroid medicine and I was taking too much. Not good. I felt great but did not need that much dosage.

Work is going really well. I am working 5 days a week most weeks. Kaye says that is too much and at the end of the week I believe she is right.

We had a nest of wrens on the front porch and yesterday they had a very crowed nest as we say 4 little head, beaks and pairs of eyes bulging from the nest. I wanted to take a picture of the nestlings today and when we came out on the porch this morning, they were gone. I tell you this because today Ryan came to help us cut limbs that were hanging over our fence and creating too much shade. As were were laboring to bag the limbs I told Ryan, "your parents are getting old" and he just listened. I believe it is okay to admit limitations when you grow old. I know we are proud and think we are still in our 30's but we have to admit it is a younger generation taking over. Also our little birds fly the nest some day and we have to be prepared to accept it.......they do come back though

God bless you all
keep me in your prayers


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