Saturday, May 10, 2008

Time to catch you up again

I wanted to give out a couple of posts so you can catch up on the topsy turvy lives that Kaye and I have. Of course it is probably no more topsy turvy than yours but here goes.

We had a little of a scare when we found out our cousin Ann Holcombe was facing some serious surgery and possibly be confirmed with leukemia but through positive thought and prayer can you believe that she had her surgery but the doctors found the trouble was coming from a stitch she had in her from a previous surgery. Wow what a relief. God is good. He comes through just in the nick of time.

Last week we learned that one of Kayes favorite aunts passed away. Thelma Caldwell. She was a sister to Kayes father. We went back to Gastonia for the funeral and saw her uncle Melvin (who shares a bout of shingles with me) and all her family. It did us good to see family both mine and hers. We spent the night with her aunt ella mae. We love her so much. We got to see my mom too and had a great visit. She now has a new back door and a new table and chairs!

We returned to Raleigh on friday because Matt was coming home and Ryan was coming over and we got to enjoy time with them.


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