Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Follow up with the Radiologist

We had our first visit with my new radiologist and he told me that after reviewing my records he was amazed at the progress I had made and how much I had taken over the last three years and still kept going. God is an amazing God and if were not for him and his perfect will, I surely would have not made it. He gave Kaye superhuman strength to look after me and nurture me and care for me and he gave me a family who prays and keeps in touch. Never doubt that God works in the background, and frontground.

My radiologist said the only thing he say in my Cat scan was what appears to be a cyst that would be treatment related just below my esophagus. He said he had no doubt it was non cancerous and said more than likely it came from all the treatment I have had over the years. He is recommending another PET scan to be sure then an outpatient scope to draw the fluid off the cyst. He said as far as my chest he saw NO evidence of tumors, or swollen nodes.....Praise God what a healer!

I will have the PET Scan on the 26th of March. My family is doing fine. I miss my dad. Even though he left us with great memories, I still think of him daily. My Mom is doing very well although she has that congestion like me and Kaye have had.

I hope you all are doing fine. As our minister spoke Sunday, you have to get all your life processes in line, spiritual, financial, health, and social before God can really bless you. Kaye and I are working to get everything in line and accept Gods blessings.

We love you all
God Bless


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