Thursday, April 23, 2009

This day in April

just wanted to update everyone! The drain is out! That's the good news. Here is the bad, I think I pushed for it to come out a week too early. This Monday, I went for my three month scan and as I was lying down on the scan bed, I got dizzy and I mean real dizzy; to the point that I was feeling sick. As a matter of fact I did get sick but that was a good thing because I was able to get rid of that Barium solution that I had to drink. If you have had to drink it then you know....YUK! Come to find out fluid was backing up from my surgery into my ear causing inner ear imbalance and vertigo! Ever had Vertigo? Oh my it is something that is really bad. Your head spins and you can't stop it. I got some medicine to help me but lying in bed for three straight days was what I had to do! Oh my gosh does that hurt. I could not get my balance, I could not sit up without being sick. Anyway, I am over that and thank God! Sometimes we think we can "tough out" a situation when we should be listening to our bodies. My body was telling me it was too soon and I ran right through that stop sign and look how I ended up. Sometimes the soft whisper of God's spirit says here is a stop sign and we plow right on thru it only to suffer for it. We have so many friends who are suffering not because they ran a stop sign but because the economy has made them victims. Many of our friends have lost their jobs and they are in their 50's so starting over in very hard. Please help me pray that God will open his doors of opportunity for them. I could call their names but there are so many. We all have to be mindful that we too can be put in a tough spot without any of our own doing. Continue to pray for me and my family as we move through all my ordeals. There is not enough time for Kaye to get sick because we take up all our time on me!

We love you all
Tim and Kaye my wonderful, precious bride!


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