Sunday, April 12, 2009

Catch up time

Well, I imagine since my last posting and pictures you have begun to think I had vanished. The answer of course is no. Here it the catch up part. My cut is healing very nicely. I don't look near as bad as the picture I posted on my site. At least I think so. I have had a drain in my cut on my neck for a month now. Thank goodness it comes out this Wednesday. It has been a nuisance more than anything because it is always hanging around my neck. I won't tell you what I call it!

We have had visits with my doctor (mike meyers) imagine that, over in Chapel Hill every week since March 12. He said I am progressing nicely and my scar will barely be noticable in 6 months or so. Wow, this is amazing. The human body has a remarkable way of healing itself! God created such a magnificant machine when he created the human body. It is a miracle machine with the ability to regenerate itself and heal itself from the most devestating illnesses.

We did receive some somber news this week. One of my folks in my office had to be with his mother. She has never been sick until a few weeks ago and now she has been diagnosed with Squalmous Carcinoma in her lung. She will begin a regimine of chemotherapy and radiation. I ask all you prayer warriors to remember her in your prayers! God is still in the healing business. I used to take that statement for granted but now I believe it more than ever.

Last week we traveled to Gastonia to visit my mother and sisters and Kaye's aunt Ella Mae. We had a wonderful time! We spent the night with my sister Beth and had lunch at her house! It was a fantastic time!

Kaye and I will be traveling the first week of May AND coming back to attend Matthew's college graduation. Can you believe he has succeeded in graduating in 4 years with two majors! We asked him today of the 98 people who entered with him 4 years ago, how many will graduate in May and he said 5. Wow! we were amazed. Of his entire incoming class only 9 will have graduated by December. This was a very rigorious program and he will be well trained when he gets out.

I will try to keep you better updated on my progress instead of keeping you in the dark. I promise!

Until next time
God Bless you all


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