Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jesus was a business man

I do most of my best thinking when I am in the shower. I don't exactly know why, it just happens that way. I wanted to relay a story to you and show you what I mean by Jesus was a businessman.
Last month we had our company quarterly salesmeeting. It is when we all get together and go through presentations from our manufactuers and increase our knowledge of their products both new and old. At the end of the meetings, we always have Sharin' business which is when mgmt gets to address the "troops" so to speak. Well I stood up and began. (earlier I had purchased some kool aid and asked for it to be brought in when I began to speak) As I spoke, I addressed our group saying that word was out in "the street" that Sharin' was in trouble. That we were somehow suffering financially and with our mgmt team. I assured them this was NOT the case. Anyway, I offered everyone a dixie cup with kool aid in it and I asked them to drink WITH me the kool aid. We everyone had a hoot because it has direct correlation to the disasterous mass suicide with Jim Jones but I quickly told them that only a few cups had been laced so those we wanted to fire would just die! Everyone howled. I did tell them in all honesty that I wanted them to share the Kool aid with me as a sign that we are all in this together. I wanted to express that we are a good company with positive earnings and strong income streams and that IF we were in trouble they would be the first to know NOT the street. We all drank the same kool aid and made a decision then and there that we were all in this together.

You know today, in the shower it came to me. Jesus did the same thing by taking communion with his disciples. He made them drink the wine and said this is my blood that was shed for you and they ate the bread as a sign that this was his body that was broken for all. Jesus was demonstrating that when everyone drinks the same kool aid they are agreeing in unison that they will all do the same things. Think in unison, form a bond, a commitment to a cause. Jesus truly was looking down and saying in a constructive way, join me and drink and eat so that we can agree on these things,. He looked down through the ages and knew I too would need to drink the kool aid of healing and agree that by his stripes we are healed. I did drink the kool aid and I am here today because of it and because of your prayers in my behalf..........praise God

We love you


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