Sunday, August 02, 2009

sights, sounds, smells of a great vacation

we left bright and early Sunday morning headed for the San Diego Bay! The boys were excited even though we left the house at 5:30 am! Cali is all I heard from Ryan every week! We landed in beautiful sunny San Diego and quickly caught a cab to our destination.....well at least I thought it was our destination, the hotel del coronado! We hauled our luggage up to this magnificant mansion style hotel and asked to check in. Here's the bad news, I was at the wrong hotel! Gipes! After some wrangling with the desk clerk she sadly told me we were staying at the Lowes Del Cornado which was 5 miles further down the penninsula! Soooo back we went to the cab line and down the bay we went! uggghhh. The Lowes property was beautiful as it sat on the bay along side multi-million dollar yachts! The boys quickly found a local at the pool, Hannah and she was very kind to show them around. One of the most memorable experiences they had was going to the beach and rushing to jump into the surf only to find the water ice cold! seems the currents that flow down the california cost come out of Alaska where the east coast has Bermuda currents! Big difference!

More later
God Bless you all


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