Sunday, August 02, 2009

Fast Forward to August 2

today is our real 28th wedding anniversary! It was been 28 wonderful years. I know everyone says that but I really has been wonderful, yea there have been ups and downs but the downs have been far and few and I don't even remember them which is what you are supposed to do I guess!
I did want to tell everyone that in the last 30 days we have gone on a wonderful 10 day trip to San Diego, then to Las Vegas and back. Unfortunately in those 30 days, I have had my scan and according to the results, I have spots on my lungs and liver and in the bottom of my spine. Spots that are undetermined for malenoma or hodgkins so we are going to have a biopsy on August 8 to determine what these "spots" are. I pray that God has already healed me and taken those spots away for his glory and by his word. As I have told you before, it is always tough going around scan time because you just never know what the results are going to be. Bottom line is God is in control and there is His plan and I am his child so I will have to be patient and wait upon the Lord.


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