Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer - Graduations- Travel- Long term

I wanted to update you all on all the above. I am so proud to update you. I tell everyone it is so much better than the alternative! We are fastly approaching summer. I remember just a short 12 months ago this month, I was preparing for a new approach to my spot that was just behind my stomach. The cut they did on me from the top of my chest to my navel and opening me up only revealed that it was too risky to try to remove the tumor so the option came up about Gamma Knife. I took it! It started in July and lasted the whole month. It is a highly concentrated laser beam of radiation that pinpoints a spot and treats it. It did miracles for me!

Last year I was sickly and now 12 months later, I feel alive and healthy again. Wiser but healther. I believe God has performed a miracle in me just as he can everyone.

Matt Graduated two weeks ago and we are so proud. He is so much more a man now and I love him and respect him. Ryan has decided that two years of NC State are enough he wants to come out and go in a different direction and so he shall. He moves into his own apartment in the fall!

Matt will continue to student teach until December when he gets his teaching certificate then it is on to Graduate School with a degree in Sports Medicine and teaching credentials.

Ryan has aspirations of going into Culinary. He has our full support.

Kaye and I have traveled to Baltimore a few weeks ago on business and now we are planning a trip to San Diego and Las Vegas.....are the boys coming????? what do you think they said when I asked?....... UH YEA! Although Ryan wanted to stay in San Diego and see the Pads play the Dodgers....sorry Mom nixed that, we are scheduled to be in Las Vegas for the National School Show and then stay the weekend of the 4th of July in Las Vegas.

The reason I say all that is to show you how good God is. He is a giving, caring God. He is compassionate, healing, rewarding. God undergurds us everytime we call on him....everytime...everytime, I know it is not instantious and it never will be. God has delivered me on the other side of 5 years of worry, doubt, fear, sickness you name it. But in the end God is in control. I praise him for what he has taught me in 5 years. Things I thought I knew but never did.

Have a great summer
God bless you



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