Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Press of a kiss

I am so sorry it has been over a month since I last Blogged. A day then a week then a month and before I know it, I realize I have not let anyone (other than my family) know what is going on in our lives and mine. It occurred to me last week that a kiss, the press of your lips on your spouse, family, friends or others has so much meaning and if you stop for just a moment and forget the sensation you feel and just savor the moment of a kiss. Imagine what you are saying.

Last week, as I do everyday, I leaned over to kiss my wife goodbye as I left for work. The feeling of our lips pressing together may not sound like much but it felt great. It felt comfortable. It felt safe. I did not want to part lips I wanted to just remember the feelings that come to mind when we kiss. I wanted to remember the comfort and all the times she has taken care of me. I wanted to remember the feeling of being together at that precise moment.

After I left, while riding in the car, I remembered a couple of things about a Kiss. I remembered that I always greet my sons with a firm kiss on their necks. I always say goodbye to them with a firm kiss on the neck. I love them and that kiss makes me feel I am showing how much I love them.

I remembered that as a youngster, I always would come up to my mom while she was sitting around the table and I would press my lips to her cheek. I will always remember that I did it a lot. I can't say it was to show my love for her as much as I just loved kissing her cheek and feeling her smooth skin. I now know it was to show her that I loved her.

I remember in the bible the Father of the prodigal son greeting his contrite son with a kiss and a ring. He welcomed him back into the family with no strings attached, no compromises just 100% back. I am not saying I have two prodigal sons I am saying his father greeted him with a kiss. Symbolic of his love and unending support I suspect. Remember the significance of a kiss and you will appreciate everyone one you give and get.


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